Middle Day Thought #5: The Great Teacher

There was a bugs season, these bugs are attracted to light and they will surround a nearby light source for mating. In here it calls laron. They have a short life span and they will shed their wings when they have found their mate. When they on the ground crawling, they become very vulnerable. The… Continue reading Middle Day Thought #5: The Great Teacher

Journey Thought #4: The Siren Dilemma

I was at a junction when I have this thought. I saw an ambulance pushing through traffic with motorcycles escorting around the ambulance. Then I ask a question, they try to save a person's life but at the same time risking many people's lives, is it worth it? If I'm in the position of the… Continue reading Journey Thought #4: The Siren Dilemma

Breakfast Thought #7: Two Days of Shut Off

Last Saturday I was going on a two days camping trip. Before I go, I was preparing both my physical needs and my mental needs. Mostly mental, cause I'm not with my good friend and I didn't know most of the people there. I just keep telling myself that it will be fun, it will… Continue reading Breakfast Thought #7: Two Days of Shut Off

Breakfast Thought #6: Hero Behind the Scene

Last Saturday night was my first ever concert. It's fun but very exhausting. I got this thought when I was fascinated by the lightning, who set this all up? Who decor the stage and make everything work? Do people appreciate it? Or they just appreciate the singer? Maybe there many people like me, who appreciate… Continue reading Breakfast Thought #6: Hero Behind the Scene