Evening Thought #3: Inside Nothingness

We get torture here and there nowadays. When we get in line for a cup of coffee or maybe for a dentist appointment. We wait, doing nothing. It feels like torture.

It makes me wonder, if someone offers you a choice that whether you work all your life or doing nothing for the rest of your life. Which one will you pick? Personally, I prefer to work than doing nothing. How about you?

I think if you want to live longer, you just doing nothing and wait. It will feel longer but I don’t know if the person will get depressed and die early.

But there are some people who master the art of doing nothing, they are who meditated.

Salute for them…

I think we need to learn from them, about the patient in doing nothing. Maybe we just need to enjoy the moment when we wait.

Maybe we need to learn enjoying that nothingness, to feel something.

There always nothing before something.


Shower Thought #4: Get a Recharge

Have you ever felt that you need that moment alone, just you and whatever you love to do? Or maybe just you and yourself? I don’t know if it’s the same with extroverted, but we as introverted need that loneliness or we call it nowadays me time.

I really felt exhausted today, not physically but mentally. Why? Because I haven’t got my me time. From the morning till night I have been with my friends, so some work, play and other stuff.

I really need that recharge. Being with people all the time is really exhausting, you can’t do the stuff that you have been doing when you alone. It’s like that, you become another character. And roleplaying takes thought and practice, that really consume a lot of energy.

So for you that have the same feeling when you get too long with people, try to take a break. Take a bathroom break and recharge a little, or just enjoy the thing you like on your phone while your friends are talking with each other. Seek that time when you can recharge.

And for you that socialite try to understand your introvert buddy. Give them a break, just don’t stay too long so you interrupted their daily me time. We need spaces. We need quality time with ourselves.

Get a refreshing break to recharge, then back to action

Evening Thought #2: Dont be Prof Xavier

Have you watched the movie x-men? If you do you must know who is prof Xavier. Yes, he is the bald guy, who sits in a wheelchair and can read other people’s minds. It does cool but in real life that power is bad.

You can’t read other people’s minds, so don’t pretend that you could.

What you heard is only the negative side of your mind telling bad stuff about you.

People don’t really judge you that far, especially the one we don’t know.

We feel that they judging, but the reality is they not even notice us being there. When I met someone I have met before, they not even notice me with them.

So don’t act like you are prof X, just be Wolverine. Don’t care about what people think about what he is doing.

The negative thing you say to yourself will decrease you performance and make you fail at reaching your goal.

You can’t read other people mind, so stop pretending that you can

Sleepy thought #8: From nature to nature

Nature has given us a lot of stuff. Fruits, oxygen, even their lives for our survival.

So what we have give to nature? Have you ever think to share with nature?

There this thought every time I harvest fruit in my garden. I leave some fruit just for the animal around like bats and squirrel or just let it ripe fall down and back to the soil for additional nutrition. I just say to myself self “leave some for mother nature”.

Sharing is caring, right? So if you care about nature, start sharing with them. After all, we live together in the same house.

The easiest one you can do is to bury your organic trash. So it back to nature. Or if you like bird watching, put a feeding pot in the place you can see them. It’s fun to see them come, with a cheery sound all over the place. Wonderful joy.

So my thought here is that, don’t be greedy, share it with nature. They all want a share too.

From nature back to nature

Sleepy Thought #7: All They Need is a Time Beside You

Before reading this, sorry for you that have lost your parents. Don’t regret the things that you haven’t done with your parents. They already happy with you, even if you just stand in this world.

I was having a wonderful moment with my parents today. Me and my father go to the pool, there wasn’t much swimming. We stand in the water lean our body to the pool wall and he starts to tell stories of his past. But mostly we just look around and just stand there, no talking just stand side by side.

I don’t know why, but it feels great.

When we go to diner, I can see my father’s face was happy. My mom is always happy when she with me.

So I guess what your parent wants is not much. Just a time there beside you, even if there was so little conversation going on, but they still enjoy the presence of you in there.

I know it’s not father’s day or mother’s day, but there is nothing wrong to remind us of our parents.

So if your parents are still here in this world, go visit them, give them a company. Go get that quality time with your parents before they are gone.

Maybe our lips are shut tight, but our hearts are full of conversation.

Evening Thought #1: Pa where are the stars?

This evening I was outside and looking for thoughts. I looking up expecting to see stars, but there aren’t any of them. Where do they go?

Have you notice that the stars in the evenibg stars are become rare? If you re-remembering your childhood night skies, there far more stars than today. Why is that?

I search it on the internet that it cause by light polution. Light polution? Here what it mean, we used a lot of light, houses, cars, street lamp and more. All of that cause the sky to be brighter and the brightness of the stars are defeated.

It’s a shame isn’t it. People just keep the natural thing get destroyed. Forest are gone, ice cap melting, habitat destroyed, and many-many awful thing we have done.

Maybe this star problem is not that big, but I really don’t heard my kids saying “Pa, where are the stars?” Man that hurts.

We should have like earth our every month. Every city, all around the world that night time, turn off the lights for an hour an enjoy the stars. It’s going to be a sight to see.

Breakfas Thought #1: Boredom: the Birth of Invention

What do you do when you feel bored in some class, office or in the boring party?

We ussually search something to play with, to chat with or to imagine. That my friend is the beginning of invention.

I imagine in the past, when people were start doing some agriculture. they spent a time planting and tending them, than what do they do? They just wait, not much going on. They get bored so they start doing things that more fun than waiting.

Maybe they play some sport or maybe some make gameboard like chess. Start wondering what I can build from stuff araound me. Some people start telling story, or art stuff like painting sculpting.

All of these are from boredom.

We can’t get any of the entertaiment or technology that we have now if we don’t get bored. We want to get out from this boring life, so we make something that make it not boring.

The fiction writer are the specialist at harvesting the essence of boredom. They bored at this dull world so they start making new world in their mind, they going into the adventure in an exciting world.

So when you feel bored at some point, let your mind wondering, maybe you will be the next inventor or best seller fiction book writer.

Shower Thought #3: a healty routine of morning gameboard

This couple of days I have been playing gameboard every morning with my friend. He come to my place every morning to have a breakfast together, than we play gameboard befor we go to the univ.

I think is a great routine, you get the fun and warm up your brain. We felt better when thinking of project in the university.

Another benefit is that you get closer with your friend while staying away from phone or other gadget.

Gameboard application on the phone or computer are not the same with the plain old board. You see it, you feel it and you smell it-yess I love the smell of my chess board. You also need to be face to face with your friend and thats make better relation than just staring at a chat or video call.

A time away from your gadget and just play with plain old gameboard is really great. It will rest your eyes, get a lot of fun and get the brain warm up.

So before you go to work or school or whatever activities you going to do, get a good breakfast while playing a good ole game board! Throw away your gadget for a time and just enjoy the simple entertaiment that we used to do for thousand of year.

Journey Thought #2: From Me to Me

We see on the movie when people start to talk to themself they said that “am I going crazy? I start talking to myself.”

I think they are not crazy, we talk to ourself all the time. No shame to it.

Talking to ourself is a good thing, we can gind more inspiration, better planning or even motivational speech to yourself.

I ussually telling a story to myself about thoughts -thats why I make this blog-, a motivational speech or just a pat to the back giving myself a “good job”.

Talking to yourself really great when you planning stuff. We ask question like, how we gonna do it? What do we need? And we keep answering them like we talking with someone else.

Another thing that useful is giving yourself a pat in the back. When you were alone or nobody give you a compliment, just do it yourself. Say to yourself “you done a great job today” or “you’re the best” just say nice thing to yourself.

Don’t be a shame to talk to yourself, and it’s not crazy either. Your body are made from billion of cells and they are communicating to each other. You not one thing, so comunicating to your difrent part of the mind is not sometging weird, it’s what we need.

“You are the best” said me to me

Lesson from Project #1, part 2: The Flaw is only in our eyes

My friend come to visit my home today, and I show him the Royal Game of Ur. I told him that I made it, and he was impresse.

He said that all the pieces are in the same shapes and sizes, very well made.

At that time I was shocked, I said to my friend they are not all same there some are bigger than other. But he said it’s still impressive.

So I jump to this conclusion, people will not see the flaw you made, they just see the good part.

We often nervous that someone will see a flaw like scratch, nick or dent on our project. Don’t be like that, we see it because we make it, we know every detail in that project. Peolple won’t relize until you point it at them.

I remember this youtuber (Jonathan Katz-Moses–a wood great woodworking channel) saying that, don’t treat a flaw as a mistake but as a feature.

So don’t point out the mistake you made, people won’t even relize it. Give you pat in the back for what you have create, be proud of it, you the one who make it! You deserve a compliment.

Other people are blind enough to not see the flaw on oir project.